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Yu-Gi-Oh! Strategy Guide Rules

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Strategy Guide Rules

Post by The Protagonist on Fri Jun 20, 2014 8:32 pm

This may be obvious to many of you, but this sub-forum houses guides and discussions for the various strategies of Yu-Gi-Oh!. Don't post a thread for your personal deck list; individual deck list discussion threads belong in Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck Discussion. Don't post anything else besides a guide.

Strategy Guide OP Rules:

1. In order to post a strategy guide, you must apply for the right on this thread. We will probably require you do some ground work so we know you can make a good guide.
2. If your guide sucks, we'll take it over or delete it. We may give you the opportunity to edit it or pass it to someone else of your choosing.
3. Don't ask to post a guide for a deck that already has one. Don't be lazy; find out if you're going to be redundant before you look foolish.
4. This forum is, for the time being, restricted to decks with competitive potential. If you have any questions about whether a deck is good enough, make an inquiry in this thread. If we disagree, feel free to make an argument, but don't keep trying if you've argued and we still said no. Competitive potential is not restricted to Tier 1 and Tier 2 decks, but it does not include garbage like Six Samurai. Talk to me when you have 2 or 3 copies of Gateway of the Six legal.
5. Don't bother talking about sub-optimal or bad cards that fall beneath a certain threshold. If you want, put a spoiler in the bottom of your guide to include any ideas brought up that are either under-tested or found sub-optimal, to deter unnecessary recurring discussions.
6. We're currently TCG-only. Your Qliphoth guide doesn't have a home here just yet. Feel free to discuss the cards elsewhere on the forum.
7. A strategy's license to keep a thread must be renewed each format. Nothing lasts forever. Sorry.
8. If you think two strategies previously contained within the same guide are different enough to deserve separate ones, make a post on that guide and then on this thread detailing your argument. We'll make a decision.

Strategy Guide General Rules:

1. All Bento Box Forums rules apply.
2. Posting your decklist to discuss in any strategy discussion is A-OK, but we expect posters to contribute beyond asking for deck advice. You are also encouraged to make a thread in Deck Discussions.
3. Don't be a scrub. Don't mark down matters of correct competitive choices as player preference. What you want to play is your decision, but what is optimal isn't up to players.
4. Contesting a generally accepted card choice is ok, but be prepared to back up your point with reasoning better than "I tried it and it's good, lol!"

Dat Plot tho.
The Protagonist
The Protagonist

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Re: Yu-Gi-Oh! Strategy Guide Rules

Post by Aitch on Tue Jul 22, 2014 2:56 am

Calling Burning Abyss thread.


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