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Forum Rules

Post by Admin on Thu Jun 19, 2014 4:42 pm

1. An Administrator's word is law. Respect it.
2. No whining about violating the rules unknowingly. That goes for this rule as well. You were instructed to read this page first. 
3. Don't be an ass. No excessive flaming, no trolling, no picking fights. If you have a problem with a user that doesn't concern site rules or some other form of harassment, take it to PM or talk to an admin. 
4. Outside of the miscellaneous section, don't get too far off-topic. Brief deviation is fine, a half page of irrelevant chatter might get you warned or silenced. 
5. Generally avoid discussion related to the Forbidden/Limited list for Yu-Gi-Oh! outside of any designated thread or a miscellaneous topic, if the urge strikes you. F/L discussion is typically cancer, and we'd like to remain tumor-free. 
6. Don't create threads in the wrong sub-forums. Admins will move or delete threads that are improperly placed, but do us a favor and just read the sticked topics. 
7. If you wish to have any changes made to your thread, such as a modification you cannot perform or a lock, contact an admin. 
8. No spamming or flooding. 
9. Absolutely no pornography. This includes nudity. Neither links nor pics will be tolerated.
10. No multi-accounting. Only the site owner gets an alt. Your family members probably shouldn't have accounts because they'll look like your alts. 
11. Do not post any personal information of another user without consent, excepting their name.

For any questions or problems, please contact an admin.

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